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Latest Nintendo Switch Updates

The Nintendo Switch, Nintendo's next home console, was officially revealed on October 20th after months of anticipation.

Shortly after it was first announced, many fans noticed something interesting about the Switch's bizarre controller. With its square shape and rounded handles, it looks exactly like an adorable-black and white puppy. Immediately after this was first pointed out, the internet adopted the Nintendo Switch puppy as the console's unofficial mascot. Head inside to learn more!

We've been covering the Nintendo Switch a lot lately, but there's still more news coming in. According to both a brief shot in the reveal trailer and reports from other news outlets, the Switch will be using USB-C for charging and possibly mass data transfer. This would fit well with the Switch, as USB-C is a relatively new standard that supports incredible charging and data transfer speeds and would enable the easy docking and un-docking we see in the trailer. Fast charging would be an absolute necessity, as the Switch is reported to have only three hours of battery life.

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Nintendo fans are eagerly looking forward to the launch of Nintendo Switch, and the most exciting game (at least that we know of) coming to the system early on is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Link's upcoming adventure boasts the biggest, most open Zelda world to date, an impressive physics engine, dynamic weather, and an entrancing visual style. The official Japanese website for the game just uploaded a new batch of screenshots, and you can check them out by clicking below!

Nintendo recently unveiled Nintendo Switch to the world, but there are still many unanswered questions, and Nintendo won't be sharing any more details until their special presentation on January 12th. In the absence of official word, reports continue to surface, and they include more potential hardware details. Industry insider Emily Roger has weighed in again today, this time commenting on the amount of RAM the system has. Hit the jump for the scoop!

After ten years in development and a recent delay, Final Fantasy XV has officially gone gold, and it's finally slated to launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 29th. Now that Nintendo Switch has officially been revealed, some fans are hoping that the long-awaited RPG will make it to that platform as well.

Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata has previously stated that his team is not currently considering bringing Final Fantasy XV to Nintendo's next console, but that could potentially change in the future. Speaking with French games outlet Gameblog, Tabata expressed excitement over Nintendo Switch, stating that he's "very interested" in it and would like the opportunity to develop for it. Hit the jump for more!

There's a lot of hype among long-time Sonic fans for the upcoming retro-styled Sonic Mania, but that's not the only hedgehog adventure SEGA has in the pipeline. The team behind Sonic Generations is also working on a new 3D Sonic game (known only as Project Sonic 2017 at this time) for next year. While we still know very little about the upcoming game, a few details have trickled out thanks to a recent meet and greet event in Japan. Hit the jump for more!

Nintendo's upcoming hybrid console, Nintendo Switch, works as both a home console and a handheld, but it takes after the latter when it comes to physical games. Rather than playing discs, Nintendo Switch will use cartridges like Nintendo's handhelds. Nintendo hasn't stated how much these cartridges will hold, but Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki claims to have the scoop. Hit the jump for more!

Following last week's reveal of the Nintendo Switch, we know that the console is compatible with the Joy-Con Grip controller and the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. However, in a recent interview, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima said that there are more Switch accessories to come. Although these items will be accessories, Kimishima said you could also call them "add-on hardware," and we can assume that there will be a "wider array."

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Last week, Nintendo finally unveiled the long-rumored console, Nintendo Switch. The trailer that Nintendo showed last week gave us a tiny glimpse of what to expect from the upcoming console, but it doesn't look like we got the whole picture. According to Eurogamer, Nintendo Switch's tablet will have a 6.2", 720p Multi-Touch Screen. Nintendo Switch's screen would allow multi-finger gestures, whereas the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U featured single-touch screens. While Nintendo "has nothing to announce" regarding a touch screen for Nintendo Switch, it's likely they'll reveal more information at the media briefing in January.

There are tons of gaming podcasts in the wild, but Nintendo Week stands alone as it recaptures all the fun of Nintendo in the form of a weekly show. Every episode brings news recaps, discussions, games, music, and more to create a show for all kinds of Nintendo fans, whether they're new or old, passionate or passing-by.

Join Alex, Ben, and Colin as they boil down an enormous week of news about Nintendo Switch, followed by stories on Pokémon fan games, Hyrule Warriors, and more in the News Block. After a quick look down Fortune Street, we take it to the Tea Table to discuss every single Nintendo-made game in the Wii U's library and call our bets on what's getting ported to Nintendo Switch. You can check out the episode below—or if you'd like to save it to listen later, you can check the latest episode out on iTunes, available now. And be sure to head inside to get a rundown of all the Nintendo news from the past week!

Nintendo won't be revealing any more news about Nintendo Switch until their special presentation on January 12th, but more details are trickling out from other sources. Laura Dale of Let's Play Video Games has been steadily revealing new tidbits via sources close to Nintendo and Ubisoft, and today she released two more reports. The first indicated that Nintendo Switch will support Micro SD cards up to 128 GB, while the second states that the Nintendo Switch dock won't support external USB drives. Hit the jump for more.

It's another day, and that means it's time for another tidbit of Nintendo Switch news, courtesy of Laura Dale (who has proven accurate regarding Nintendo Switch leaks thus far) of Let's Play Video Games. According to her latest report, dev kits for Nintendo's next console support Micro SDXC cards up to 128 GB in size. By comparison, New Nintendo 3DS officially supports Micro SD up to 2 GB and Micro SDHC up to 32 GB. It's unconfirmed at this point if the finished product will have the same Micro SD support as the dev kits.

Last week, Nintendo finally lifted the veil on their next console, Nintendo Switch, with a preview trailer. The video quickly accumulated over 10 million views, making it the most-watched Nintendo YouTube video ever. Speaking with investors after Nintendo's second quarter earnings release, company President Tatsumi Kimishima revealed that official uploads of the trailer have now reached over 23 million views. Even more impressively, the official videos have a positive reaction rate of over 95%. Kimishima added "We are very confident that a lot of consumers around the world have become interested in Nintendo Switch."

Last week, Nintendo finally unveiled Nintendo Switch as their next home console. The handheld/home console hybrid will be releasing in March, but Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima indicated earlier today that the public will have a chance to go hands-on before then. We didn't have to wait long for the first details about these demo events, as Nintendo announced today that the first play test will be taking place at Tokyo Big Site on January 14th and 15th, 2017. This event will be open to the public, but there are no details on how to attend it at this time.

After months of rumors and speculation, Nintendo officially unveiled Nintendo Switch as their next home console. Although the reveal trailer did a good job at conveying the device's hybrid nature (functioning as both a home console and a handheld), it didn't give us any details about pricing, storage, launch lineup, or many other important factors, and Nintendo doesn't plan to share anymore specifics this year. Thankfully, we now know when we can expect the next round of Nintendo Switch news. Hit the jump for the details!