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Halloween snuck up on you again, huh? Too broke to go out but still want some of that Halloween spirit? Well, here I am to solve this non-existent problem with a list of cheap Steam games! Because that’s conducive to an active social life, right? So yeah, here are 2 spooky video games on Steam that are not straight up survival horror or cheap jump scare games while also being less than $10. Also, this is just five games. I’m by no means saying these are the two best horror-themed non-survival horror cheap Steam games that exist because I haven’t played both of them. I am but a man. Also, to make this list, the game had to have a regular price of under $10. Both of these games are on sale for Halloween, none of them more expensive than $4. You can actually currently grab all these games for only slightly more than $10 together.

Users of Smartphone and computer these days are happy to get the best enhancement in their routine life beyond what they have expected.

People from all age group would like to have entertainment in order to kill their free time.

The real life escape room game is a set timed journey of puzzles which you have to solve to get out of your enclosed space. Here are some tips that will help you in escaping these rooms.

Replacing your mattress on time will help you avoid various kinds of problems.

Casino gaming is not a pastime for pessimists; and neither is it for the everlasting optimist.

Improving your playstyle and paladins skills could be essential.

How to improve your online gaming experience? Take into consideration these 4 tips to minimise lagging.

The fantasy genre is awash lately with incredibly authentic and even overly ambitious projects on both the small screen as well as in theatres.

The growth in the popularity of online poker has been one of the biggest phenomena to hit the gaming world over the last decade. It’s introduced many millions to the game and it’s thought to be one of the reasons why revenues have been dropping for land-based casinos.

Many online players treat it as a hobby and a way to earn some extra cash while others regard it as a way to earn a living and with this level of interest online casinos have been quick to create gaming platforms to cater for every level.