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Just as relevant now as five years ago. Image credits paperfiasco

The Metroid series just celebrated its 30th anniversary this weekend, and if you’re like me, you were probably caught off guard. Unlike other critically and commercially successful franchises Nintendo has been milking every possible dollar out of, there hasn’t been a new Metroid game in six years. It’s been even longer since we’ve had an installment that really focused on exploration – once the hallmark characteristic of the series. And barring the upcoming Federation Force spinoff, there’s nothing else on the horizon. Why is this? How did we end up here? Why did Samus get relegated to red-headed stepchild status despite having a fanbase that’s turned almost every one of her adventures into a million copy seller?

I have never been one for trying to rush through a game, operating under the "it's not the destination, but the journey" philosophy. It was inconceivable to me that people would want to beat a 10+ hour game in a matter of half an hour. Over the past week however, I spent every free moment I had glued to my computer screen, watching intently as yet another childhood favorite was conquered in a what seemed like the blink of an eye. It was only my second time watching a Games Done Quick marathon, but I was simply awestruck. 

Thirty years ago, the video game series The Legend of Zelda debuted on the Nintendo Famicom in Japan, coming West in 1987.  Zelda is... the most wondrous and enrapturing work of art I've ever experienced in my life. While I've only been a fan for half its history, it almost instantly became not only my favorite video game franchise, but a treasure map of games that I just had to find some way to play and beat over several years.

"Welcome to the world of Pokémon," I heard. In truth I deciphered these words from a few crude pixels on a strangely-upscaled Game Boy Advance screen, but to the little boy playing Pokémon Gold Version for the first time, they meant something. I was no longer sitting on my blue-striped couch trying desperately to find the right balance of soft light and harsh glare from the lamp above to illuminate the screen. These words and the three square waves accompanying them had served their purpose so well that they transcended their very existence. They were my transports to Johto, the world of Pokémon, and Professor Oak made sure I felt welcome.

Top 10 PS4 Games

September 05 2015 by Ryan Holman

Ooh, a top 10 list of PS4 games could easily get contentious, couldn’t it? You can agree or disagree, that’s the fun of the list. I’m not going to give this in any particular order, this is a general list covering a range of genres. Here we go, then… 

Recently, The Witcher 3 has been debated as being a racist game for not having any ethnicities in the game other than Slavic individuals. But does what a games lacks make it against what it lacks? Can following the source material be seen as a racist thing?

Hey folks. We don't normally address you guys on a personal level in this way, but these are extraordinary circumstances. Many gamers around the world, and many of you in our community have been mourning the loss of beloved Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata. Today I said some words on our YouTube channel about his passing, and while I admit it was partially for my own catharsis, I hope it can also be a part of yours. Head inside for my little tribute.

With the announcement that we can now vote our favorites characters in Sm4sh, many have rushed to claim one of the sacred available roster spots for their personal favorites. Sadly, not everyone can get it in, so yesterday (well technically today) I attempted to convince you on 4 characters that I think should be on the roster, but those were just 8 through 5. Today I'm going to show you the best of the best.

Since the announcement that Sm4sh would be getting DLC AND that we would be able to vote or favorite characters in, the internet has gone mad trying to make their wildest dreams come true and get their personal favorites in, and seeing as though I am part of this internet, I am no different. Sadly many of my top choices are either controversial or just not that popular, so I'm here to try and convince you, whoever you are, to support me, whoever I am, in my cause to get these super-awesome, super-deserving characters in Sm4sh! So let's get started for fun's sake! 

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