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Despite being only a couple of years old, Yacht Club Games' Shovel Knight has one of the most recognizable and impressive soundtracks in recent video games. From the iconic "Strike The Earth!" to the swelling main theme, fans of the game relish and praise Jake Kaufman's veritable master works. For the first time ever, fans will finally be able to own their own physical copy, either on CD or Vinyl.

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The PlayStation 4 Pro is going to bring 4K gaming to the living room in just a couple of weeks, and Sony is showing off its newest version of the PS4 in a brand new '80s-inspired trailer. The video is very reminiscent of older video game commercials when companies would try to throw out a bunch of numbers to make their systems sound better. You can check out this rad new trailer after the jump!

No Man's Sky has been the subject of much controversy since it launched, as misleading advertising has fans demanding refunds and advertising watchdogs launching an investigation. Through all of this, developer Hello Games and director Sean Murray have been almost entirely silent, but things heated up again yesterday morning when Hello Games' Twitter account tweeted out "No Man's Sky was a mistake." Hit the jump for more details.

There's a lot of hype among long-time Sonic fans for the upcoming retro-styled Sonic Mania, but that's not the only hedgehog adventure SEGA has in the pipeline. The team behind Sonic Generations is also working on a new 3D Sonic game (known only as Project Sonic 2017 at this time) for next year. While we still know very little about the upcoming game, a few details have trickled out thanks to a recent meet and greet event in Japan. Hit the jump for more!

Halloween is just around the corner, and Mojang is celebrating with a special three-in-one spooky bundle for Minecraft on consoles. The Spooky Bundle contains the Halloween Mash-up (featuring a pre-built spooky world for you to explore), the Halloween Battle Map, and the Campfire Tales Skin Pack. You can now grab all three of these in one bundle for $6.99 on any console edition of Minecraft. You can also check out a trailer for the Spooky Bundle by clicking below!

Yesterday, the official Twitter account for the Kingdom Hearts series uploaded two new screenshots from Kingdom Hearts III. The images show off a new area in the Olympus Coliseum world with Sora fighting some Shadow Heartless. The important takeaway from the new footage is that Drive Forms are officially returning in the new installment.

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Going gold is a significant milestone in every video game's development. It officially means that the game is ready to ship. Ubisoft decided to celebrate this specific occasion for Watch Dogs 2 with a fantastically silly and stylistic gif. According to a recent tweet from the Watch Dogs 2 official twitter page, the hacking simulator is officially ready to be in the hands of consumers. The game itself actually has a lot riding on it after the poor reception of its predecessor, but we still have a few more weeks to wait to see if it redeems its name, as it releases on November 15th.

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Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, an animated film that runs parallel to the early events of Final Fantasy XV, released last month to a relatively positive reaction from fans, extolling the film as an absolute visual spectacle. For an animated film, that honor is due to the hard work of its animators. One group that worked on the film, Digic Pictures, is actually quite renowned for their skills in trailer production for games, having previously worked on the Assassin's Creed series. Now, Digic Pictures has returned to the world of Final Fantasy XV with a new trailer titled "Omen."

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The long-running Resident Evil franchise has become increasingly more action-focused with each new main series release in recent years, but Capcom is bringing the series back to its horror roots with Resident Evil VII: Biohazard. The much-hyped game is set to launch on January 24th, and Capcom expects it to be a big hit in its first two months. The company's second quarter earnings release indicates that Capcom is projecting 4 million sales for Resident Evil VII by the end of the fiscal year, or March 31st, 2017. Will it hit that lofty target?

Square Enix has been working on Final Fantasy XV (in one form or another) for a decade now, but the wait is almost over. The highly-anticipated RPG was originally slated to release on September 30th, but a recent delay pushed its street date back to November 29th. There's still over a month to go until launch day, but we won't likely be seeing any more delays, as the official Twitter account for the game has announced that it has officially gone gold, meaning development has wrapped up. Will you be picking it up next month?

World of Final Fantasy features a veritable menagerie of famous Final Fantasy characters ranging from the stoic Lightning of FFXIII fame to the swashbuckling Faris from FFV. However, one popular character seems to be missing from the adorable RPG: the face of the very first Final Fantasy-related mash-up himself, Sora. Fortunately for you Kingdom Hearts fans out there, Sora will be making an appearance later this winter as a free DLC Champion summon. The only catch is that he will only be available for a limited time.

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A little over two months ago, Square Enix revealed some information on Final Fantasy XV's DLC plans. Basically, the game will have six available DLC packs to purchase; two will be largely cosmetic additions to the game, while three will provide extra quests that players can partake in while controlling the other three members of Noctis' party. However, there was something missing: the sixth DLC pack. Today, we finally know what it is going to be, and it is pretty cool. The final DLC for Final Fantasy XV will be a four player online Co-Op mode.

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SEGA's iconic Sonic the Hedgehog franchise recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, and during the festivities SEGA announced Sonic Mania for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Kinda Funny Games recently got the chance to go hands-on with the retro-style Sonic game alongside producer Lola Shiraishi. They've uploaded nearly half an hour of footage, including a look at the newly-unveiled Mirage Saloon Zone and gameplay featuring Tails and Knuckles. Polygon has also uploaded a playlist of new Sonic Mania footage without commentary, and you can watch it all by clicking below!

Earlier this year, we reported that the player base for the not-so-popular team shooter Evolve had grown exponentially after updating into its free-to-play version, Evolve Stage 2. It had gained over one million users from a paltry few hundred in just a matter of days. Unfortunately, it seems the dream is over as Turtle Rock Studios recently announced that they are no longer supporting their now-very-popular game. As a given, the console version of Evolve Stage 2 has also been canceled.

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Earlier this month, Square Enix revealed that Moogles will serve a special purpose within the world of Final Fantasy XV. That special purpose was a mystery at the time, only to be revealed if their Final Fantasy twitter page received enough followers. Fortunately, the twitter page finally hit the required number of followers, so we have received a fancy new trailer detailing the Moogle doll's purpose. As it turns out, Moogles are actually used as lures in battle.

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