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Despite being only a couple of years old, Yacht Club Games' Shovel Knight has one of the most recognizable and impressive soundtracks in recent video games. From the iconic "Strike The Earth!" to the swelling main theme, fans of the game relish and praise Jake Kaufman's veritable master works. For the first time ever, fans will finally be able to own their own physical copy, either on CD or Vinyl.

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At E3 2016, Nintendo officially unveiled The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (we had seen earlier builds of the game before it had a name) with a breath-taking trailer that took us on a tour of the Great Plateau. YouTuber Sauraen was greatly inspired by this beautiful introduction to the game world and sees it as a chance to be a pivotal moment for the series, much like the release of Ocarina of Time. With that in mind, they've recreated the E3 2016 trailer using Ocarina of Time's game engine. Hit the jump to check it out!

The Nintendo Switch, Nintendo's next home console, was officially revealed on October 20th after months of anticipation.

Shortly after it was first announced, many fans noticed something interesting about the Switch's bizarre controller. With its square shape and rounded handles, it looks exactly like an adorable-black and white puppy. Immediately after this was first pointed out, the internet adopted the Nintendo Switch puppy as the console's unofficial mascot. Head inside to learn more!

We've been covering the Nintendo Switch a lot lately, but there's still more news coming in. According to both a brief shot in the reveal trailer and reports from other news outlets, the Switch will be using USB-C for charging and possibly mass data transfer. This would fit well with the Switch, as USB-C is a relatively new standard that supports incredible charging and data transfer speeds and would enable the easy docking and un-docking we see in the trailer. Fast charging would be an absolute necessity, as the Switch is reported to have only three hours of battery life.

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Back in 2002, Nintendo released Super Mario Sunshine, which is considered to be one of Mario's greatest platformers. Mario and his pal FLUDD run, jump, and pound across Isle Delfino to try and save Peach from the mysterious Shadow Mario. While Super Mario Sunshine was a great single player game, some fans have decided to give the game a co-op multiplayer mod that lets you play with two characters at the same time. CyberTanuki, one of the modders helping with the multiplayer mode, explained in more detail about the goals for the mod.

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A couple days ago, Square Enix opened up a website an upcoming announcement for a mobile Final Fantasy game for iOS and Android. The site features a countdown, and the URL is giving the game the acronym "FF NEW," which is likely just a placeholder title until the game is officially revealed in three days. There is also a special message on the website from Takashi Tokita, the director of Chrono Trigger and lead game designer of Final Fantasy IV.

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The PlayStation 4 Pro is going to bring 4K gaming to the living room in just a couple of weeks, and Sony is showing off its newest version of the PS4 in a brand new '80s-inspired trailer. The video is very reminiscent of older video game commercials when companies would try to throw out a bunch of numbers to make their systems sound better. You can check out this rad new trailer after the jump!

Crash Bandicoot had a small chance to shine in the latest Skylanders game, but that wasn't the end of his involvement in the series. In an episode of the Netflix series Skylanders Academy, Crash has his own backstory for being in Skylands, and he even talks. You can see some clips of his role after the jump!

Nintendo fans are eagerly looking forward to the launch of Nintendo Switch, and the most exciting game (at least that we know of) coming to the system early on is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Link's upcoming adventure boasts the biggest, most open Zelda world to date, an impressive physics engine, dynamic weather, and an entrancing visual style. The official Japanese website for the game just uploaded a new batch of screenshots, and you can check them out by clicking below!

Nintendo recently unveiled Nintendo Switch to the world, but there are still many unanswered questions, and Nintendo won't be sharing any more details until their special presentation on January 12th. In the absence of official word, reports continue to surface, and they include more potential hardware details. Industry insider Emily Roger has weighed in again today, this time commenting on the amount of RAM the system has. Hit the jump for the scoop!

Pokémon GO has been an incredible success since its launch in July, topping the download charts for weeks on end in dozens of countries around the world and smashing mobile revenue records, while also re-igniting interest in the brand as a whole and boosting 3DS hardware and software sales. Just a few months after Pokémon made its splash in the mobile market, another big name is poised to do the same when Super Mario Run launches in December. Hit the jump for more!

After ten years in development and a recent delay, Final Fantasy XV has officially gone gold, and it's finally slated to launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 29th. Now that Nintendo Switch has officially been revealed, some fans are hoping that the long-awaited RPG will make it to that platform as well.

Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata has previously stated that his team is not currently considering bringing Final Fantasy XV to Nintendo's next console, but that could potentially change in the future. Speaking with French games outlet Gameblog, Tabata expressed excitement over Nintendo Switch, stating that he's "very interested" in it and would like the opportunity to develop for it. Hit the jump for more!

No Man's Sky has been the subject of much controversy since it launched, as misleading advertising has fans demanding refunds and advertising watchdogs launching an investigation. Through all of this, developer Hello Games and director Sean Murray have been almost entirely silent, but things heated up again yesterday morning when Hello Games' Twitter account tweeted out "No Man's Sky was a mistake." Hit the jump for more details.

If you've been following the newest updates on the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon, you may have noticed that some of the new Pokémon designs are a little strange. Some newcomers to the Pokémon series, like Bruxish (a Pokémon that looks like a giant, rainbow-colored fish with lips) and Palossand (a Pokémon that looks like a giant sand castle), have become well-known for their bizarre looks. Kotaku recently got a chance to interview Shigeru Ohmori, the director of Sun and Moon, who revealed that the designs for all of these Pokémon were chosen because of their weirdness, as Game Freak wanted to make Sun and Moon unique for the 20th anniversary of Pokémon.

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The original Paper Mario was first released on Nintendo 64 over 16 years ago, but speedrunners and hackers are still discovering new things about the classic game. YouTuber Stryder7x (who previously discovered a game-breaking glitch that involves hitting a block for 416 years) has just uploaded a new video that reveals Paper Mario text that has remained hidden for all these years. Hit the jump for the details!