FAQ and About Us

What is Gamnesia?

Gamnesia is a place where gamers forget reality and play games. We’re a top notch video game news, analyst, opinion, and overall entertainment venue for gamers across the globe. The website was born by the same folks that brought you Zelda Informer, which is one of the leading websites for Zelda news, editorial, and walkthrough content. We hope to provide a better promise for tomorrow in the game journalism industry.

What Makes You Special?

Gamnesia believes in delivering straight from our hearts. We won’t beat around the bush and we aren’t afraid to tackle hard issues when they need to be addressed. While it’s impossible to ever be completely unbiased, we strive to present logical reasoning to support any claims we make. While we aim to be at the forefront of the gaming news spectrum, we feel it’s even more important to foster conversational value and get the fans directly involved in our every day coverage.

Remembering this, we like to feel our fans get a say in what and how we do things. We will evolve with our viewers as time goes on, and we hope we encourage intelligent conversations and debate throughout the course of our never ending existence.

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